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Cho Takahashi (24)
Marine scientist working on my doctorate at home. Currently a consultant with the Eudio Aquarium.

Interested in all branches of science, not just coastal preservation. The opportunity to gain new knowledge is the best reason for getting out of bed in the morning. A holiday from reality seems like the perfect opportunity to learn about different worlds and cultures. Teach me something new and you'll have a friend for life.

I'm more than willing to make dinner for anyone who would like to come over to watch movies or play video games, or just talk and take the time to get to know one another. I love to cook. Come help me keep my fridge from being overtaken by leftovers.

[[OOC: Jason Todd is responsible for setting Cho up with cuddlr. She didn't even know she had a written profile until it was pointed out ot her. She thought it was just a photo and her name. She changed the text, but kept the picture, because she misses Jason.]]

Old profile text: Sweet as heck girl looking for the good time she deserves. Idiots need not apply.


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{Run; 'cuddlr script'}
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Anyone's free to write a song about me if they want.

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[ Looking for a good time? Spock is not the individual right for that course of action. ]
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Your profile indicates you wish to look for a good time. I am not in the habit of indulging in what most humans refer to as "good times." And as it contains little else, it is reasonable to assume we would not be compatible.

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that kitten must be all grown up now, huh?
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i didn't know if i would be.

weird. it's only been a few days, back in my world. and i was briefly kidnapped? but then i blew up the fortress of the people who kidnapped me.

except the guy who killed my dad and kidnapped me got away.


yeah. weird.

how are you?

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You still want to get dinner together?
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Perfect. Thank you for the marshmallows, by the way. They were delicious. Sorry, I should've said so much sooner.

So now for the real question - do you want to be taken out, or would you like me to cook for you?

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You have a very informative and interesting profile. I too find this the perfect opportunity to learn from all the new people I meet.
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[ ooc: no worries! ]

I have recently come into possession of an adorable animal myself. Perhaps we can arrange a... what's the word? A playdate.

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what is ur best recipe
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[ Free food? Heck yeeaaahhhh ]

Do you only like marine animals?
or other animals too?
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[ Which works out great because Rosie doesn't know how to cook and has probably been living off cup ramen and mac&cheese cups for months. ]

I can see that. Animals are pretty great.

I have four dogs and one cat, actually.

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Way too many words. You're cute but the screen is small and my head hurts.